A Languages Who's Who

The Languages Commissioner – who investigates reports of languages rights violations by territorial institutions, municipalities and private sectors in Nunavut; monitors and advises compliance of the Nunavut language acts by territorial institutions, municipalities and the private sector, and promotes and advocates language rights.

Minister of Languages – who promotes equality of official languages; take specific actions to protect and revitalize the Inuit language; consults and prepares a comprehensive plan to implement the legislation; creates measures for evaluating, monitoring, and reporting on implementation results achieved annually by territorial institutions  to the Legislative Assembly.

Inuit Uqausinginnik Taiguusiliuqtiit (Inuit Language Authority) – develop and standardize the Inuit Language to increase effective communications between Nunavummiut; establish standard terminology, orthography and language competencies and publishes them;  undertake own or collaborative research, including documenting dialects and traditional expressions,  and assist the business community and other organizations in providing quality Inuit Language services to the public.

Federal Commissioner of Official Languages - who investigates reports of languages rights violations against federal public sector institutions; monitors and advises on issues of compliance of the Canadian Official Languages Act by federal public sector and Crown corporations which are subject to the Act, and promotes and advocates English and French language rights.